Tuesday, April 4, 2017

white house wonderful...our home is featured in hgtv magazine!!

i have been waiting for this moment...this opportunity to share
that last year in july hgtv magazine visited our lair...
it was incredible...a whirlwind...3 days i will never forget...
when the stylist with her assistant prepped and primped our house for the set...
with the photographer and her assistant capturing the look
carefully curating colorfull...they photographed for the book...
and a makeup and hair artist for me for the finishing touch
wowie!! ...never had that done before...simply too much!! :D
such an honor, an opportunity, an unbelievable open door
and working with this magazine was a time we did adore...
the questions, the reflecting on all that we had done
the memories of the white house beginnings...it was so much fun!!
and the pops of color issue...it is the best all the way through 
love that our home is a part of this colorfull wonderland too!!
so thank you hgtv magazine for this opportunity of joy
and for all that were involved...pleasure!! boy oh boy!!
to read all about it the may issue is on newsstands now
pinch me it's really happening...so dreamy!!  wow!!
special thanks to shannon quimby
stylist heather bullard
photographer lisa romerein
magazine hgtv magazine


  1. quite a spread. Your house and you look amazing. very proud of you and dad.

    1. thank you honey...very special honor for sure... 📖🏡❤️