Monday, April 3, 2017

white house wonderful...big big smile!! :D :D

this being my emoji of choice
i thought i would let this be my voice...
for the many thanks to those far and near
that helped fuel my is now here!!
thankful for shannon...a stylist i met a few years ago
who saw something in me and wanted to show...
then last year an amazing team of love
descended on our home...a gift from above...
the joy that filled these walls just then
i am feeling the feels again and again!!
thank you to heather and haley so much
to lisa and her assistant...i just love the photos special touch...
for many conversations and emails with the hgtv crew
you made this simply magical...just love all of you!!
it still feels unbelievable as i write this now
to see our white house featured...oh wow!! wow!! wow!!
the may edition of hgtv magazine has our home inside
and the layout...story and eyes are open wide!!
for this shy girl from camas this is a dream come true
from the white house with the blue door...everyone i love you!!


  1. Love this! So special for you and dad!

    1. thank you for everything you did to help us make this possible darcey!! love you so!! 😘