Wednesday, February 12, 2020

kennedy creates...poetry...

adding this to the list...always creating...this sweet love of mine...
and now writing!!...and it is exceptionally fine!!
below is what she has written...i love the subject matter and the fun...
stay tuned...i'll share more...she has written more than one!! 

mr. puff
mr. puff was a teacher but like one you have never seen,
mr. puff was a good teacher but his face was completely green!!
one other thing you should know about mr. puff, is he acts like a cow, moo, moo, moo!!
and he is really demanding, do, do, do!!
oh, and i can't forget to tell you what he does at night, 
some say he pretends he's a chicken, oh what a fright!!
but he teaches us everything we need to know, 
but he also teaches us how to sew!!
mr. puff is quite the guy, 
i'm pretty sure he can fly!!
sometimes he makes us mad,
but mr. puff, you are the best teacher we've ever had!!

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