Thursday, July 12, 2018

white house wonderful...dream come true two!! cover!!

a few weeks ago so excited to see!!
our front door on the thankful as can be!!
hgtv magazine visited the white house for the second time...
and i have wanted to share was incredibly fine!!
once again the crew appeared and oh what fun!!
our front door was photographed...and this is the one...
the july and august issue is on newsstands now!!
and the lovely that they captured is simply just wow!!
and to have our neighbors darling dog...the icing on the cake...
and hosting this amazing group...smiles for us it did make!!
and the flowers and the pots...took my breath away...
and the colorfull and creative...what wonderful days!!
thank you hgtv magazine for another dream come true!!
and for visiting us here and for capturing our door of blue!!
so thankful for this time...we will never forget...
sharing this time with you is as good as it gets!! 
thank you hgtv magazine!!
thank you cindy searight!!
thank you stephanie kim!!
thank you kim cornelison!!
thank you christopher white!!
thank you jessica weit!!
thank you matt and cheri!!
and thank you to everyone else that was a part of this!! xx


  1. So fun to see the behind the scene pics too!❤️
    Love the addition of the dog...looks just like Devon’s precious pup!☺️

    1. thank you karen!! it was so much fun and truly exciting to see all that is entailed in a photo shoot!! love the opportunity!! and the dog...just adorable!!

  2. Hi Everday Plaid! Welcome back! Great post!
    Congrats to you! That’s fun to see the production side! Thanks Terri Berri!

    1. thank you sweet jan!! thank you for the kind was a time to remember for sure!!