Tuesday, February 20, 2018

white house wonderful...i love you blue but white i love you too!!

white house bright blue door...there might be a change in store... :D
white house bright white door...a simple update that i truly adore!!
most everyone loves the blue one...so to you this might not be as fun...
but in my mind this simplistic look...will be an interesting update in my book!!
can you understand my vision as you scroll from photo and see??
the emphasis on the architecture is how i want this to be??
with this dutch colonial structure and the roof such a major thing...
the white is just the thing it needs to make my color loving heart now sing!!
thank you chris and anne for making this change!! xxxx


  1. I love the white door idea...you could always repaint blue if didn’t like...or even another color!
    I think you are gonna like the white!☺️

    1. oh i am so happy to hear that you like the idea karen...thank you for letting me know!! makes me more confident about it with your thoughts... :D :D xoxox