Tuesday, September 19, 2017

wonder of weston...wow!!



weston is six!!  wow oh wow!!
how is this possible??  how??  how??  how??
so for this sunshine boy with a sunshine face...
i decorated for his birthday with smiley faces all over the place!!
and lots of bright yellow...such a wonderful happy hue...
this sunny smiley face party is especially weston for you!!
then kennedy wanted to add her touches so there are notes all around
and a scavenger hunt with weston is how they were found
such a special celebration with such a special boy
this sunny smiley face party for me was pure joy!!
most of the decorations and all of the balloons can be found at the dollar tree... :D!!


  1. Stop!!! just the sweetest theme for the sweetest little boy!

    1. thank you honey!! i love it!! and him too... :D

  2. Terri...you are unbelievably the sweetest and smiliest GG ever! I love it! Wish I could be there! OXOXO

    1. oh thank you jannie!! it was so much fun. wish you were here too!! xoxox

  3. I mean...really the cutest bday mom!!! How do you continue to amaze me with your creativity and amazingness???? Omg!!! Thank you for making my big boys day so special. Love you. ��