Thursday, July 27, 2017

mill market at camas antiques...working on the window...ART!!

one of things that i collect that i love
is amazing art...truly gifts from above!!
i am in awe of paintings so great...
so some i keep and some i love to curate!!
so this is the start of the window look...
the original plan was portrait art but then it took
a different path and now there's a variety of things...
and this colorfull combination makes my heart sing!!
included in this love is a lynsey keating new piece...
so thankful to have a large one of these!!
and the plain yellow framed one...that is for her too...
excited to see what she will paint for all of you!!
so stop by august 1st...the window will be done...
excited for this opportunity!!  excited for this fun!!


  1. I also love the way the picture hanging above the bench has all the colors of the pillows. Great!!!

    1. thank you so much cheryl!! i just love your comments!! 🌈🌈🌈🌈