Wednesday, March 8, 2017

colorfull collections...march...rainbow!! :D


my world is full of rainbows...mixed up or in the right order
loving this creative colorfull has turned me into a hoarder :D!!
because with rainbows around you the skies are never gray
and the everyday, simply put, becomes a day of play!!
even my white house palette is shades of rainbow bright
so living in this rainbow space is like living in rainbow light...
my colorful collection for this month happily is this
rainbow all around me is really rainbow bliss!! 
purple red orange yellow green blue and all the hues...
collecting everyday and always...that is what i will do!!

1150 posts today!!  YAY!!


  1. I just love your posts and your poems. Just amazing. Xo

  2. that poem!! wow mom! TERRIfic!

  3. thank you girls!! i know how busy you are and it means a lot that you follow my blog...and comment!! love you!!