Friday, January 20, 2017

happy hearts...sequins scattered just so...

simple hearts with sequins scattered just so
textured colorfull mill market they go
last year confetti covered them and this year a different look
easy steps to make these...below is all it took!!

1. gather sequins, a glue gun and parchment paper.  
2. draw heart shapes on parchment paper
3. with a glue gun trace each heart once...and then once again
4. next trace the heart shape with the glue in short increments...
and after each section sprinkle lots of sequins in that area...carefully pat down...
some areas might be hot from the hot glue
5. continue to glue and sprinkle all the way around the heart
6. let this dry/harden while you continue these steps 
with the remaining least a couple of minutes
7. carefully peel up and turn each heart over and repeat all the steps...
8. add glue and sequins to any spots that you may have missed
9. attach a string if desired...
10. enjoy!!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

white house...hearts are here!!

hearts in the shop 
so adding them around here
reminding me of love 
and all things dear!!
it's not too early 
to add in hearts??...
because hearts are happy
have loved them from the start...
and everyday colorfull
the very simple way
walking under and around these hearts
well it brightens my everyday!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

mill market at camas antiques...happy hearts here!!

happy hearts are in the shop
colorfull valentines with joy and pop!!
stop by today to get yours here
for heartfelt wishes for those that are dear!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

fabulous fashion...i'm isola marras...fall 2016...

oh so mad about this plaid!!...oh i love it so!!
black with stewart...wonderful!!...head to toe!!
inspired by the collected...the combination of this
with that red plaid background...simply bliss!!
so soon to mention but my christmas next year
will be red plaid and colorfull...both i hold dear...
and this creative amazing puts me over the top
and the creating begins now...hard to stop!!
but back to this collection of black and the best
red plaid so lovely...better than the rest!!

Monday, January 16, 2017

favorite finds...dollar bin win!!

check out the dollar bins at target soon
they have colorfull that is over the moon
this banner of felt is long and so great
the gel crayons and wood blocks simply first rate
and this stack of felt squares for 99 cents
was a gw find...cue happy dance!!
and the celebrate lights from a few days back
target has colorfull...stop by!! stat!!

Friday, January 13, 2017

grapes are great...grapes are good...

yes...grapes are great...grapes are good!!
gathering up these bright ones with touches of wood...
and now i have pink, and two shades of yellow
and a bright bright green and one that is mellow
i love the two red ones but especially the blue!!
added orange and purple to this collection too!!
and if you too love these (from the sixties i'm told)
check gw, ebay and etsy to find yours to hold
search lucite grapes or glass grapes and such
great and good grapes are the perfect everyday touch!!