Friday, May 26, 2017

white house bedroom reveal...

red bedroom refresh now is done...
and this one like the blue one was so much fun!!
this room before was mostly black, white and red...
but after the amazing painting from would be colorfull instead!!
one thing lead to another...the flowery duvet and shams...
appeared there before me and so evolved the plan!!
the gallery wall and pillows just arranged in a new way...
and the touches of everyday plaid always...i began to play!!
now our family is coming and i cannot wait for them to see...
red bedroom reveal...excited for this day...yipeeee!!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

these geese...

it was one of those thankful to see...
this family of geese with 6 new babies!!
it stopped us in our tracks as they came into view...
they continued eating and swimming right by us too!!
so beautiful...and so touched to have experienced this!!
a wonderful surprise while walking...natures lovely!!  bliss!!
thank you jan for some of the photos!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

terrific travels...beautiful boulder, colorado...

the beauty of boulder...a truly breathtaking site
with blue skies and mountain tops...this spot is so bright
the creeks and the art all calling my name
the family time and lovely...never the same
so thankful to be here and celebrate this man
to spend this time with his family and my sister jan
and the best thing of all is to see my dear nephew shine
graduating from college here...such a special time!!
thank you jan for some of your beautiful photos!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

perusing i am choosing dark!!

white walls are wonderful...but here i am choosing dark...
black with everything is too has my heart!!
the colorfull pops and the drama...with white the very best...
textured, shiny, matte, old, new...also loving all the rest!!
collected all these images on my 'inside" board of my pinterest site...
revisiting pins both new and old...this is black done right!!

Monday, May 22, 2017

keating cottage...colorfull with these two boys...

keating cottage colorfull with these two boys!! joy!! joy!!
painted precious family watching over this scene
vintage sofa orangey...mid century furniture dream!!
zig zag rug so big...colorful...bright and wild
gold leaf roundy table...perfect for a child
afghan multi striped throw...soft and oh the one!!
wish i was with these two loves...oh so much fun!!

get the keating cottage colorfull look... :D