Wednesday, August 24, 2016

fabulous fashion...dolce and gabbana...fall 2016...SHOES!!

can you believe this??  these incredible shoes
in clear...even in shades of blues
each pair so special...a beautiful piece of art
how do i love thee??  where do i start??
the glitter, the embellishments, the big, big bows
the gemstones, the pom poms, and the ever occurring rose
the chunky heel, the mary jane strap and the round toes too
the lucite, the this is truly a SHOE!! :D

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

the makings of mill market...from me to you!!

camas antiques...the window...

camas antiques...the space...

monticello antique marketplace...the shelves...

ooohhhh it's kept me busy staying on top of all this
but refreshing and creating is truly my bliss
all of my spaces received an update
so please stop by soon...i cannot wait!!
there's colorfull candles and candelabras so great
in the window so wonderful...the glass...first rate!!
the space is much to see
added lamps, glass and white...created by me
and monticello marketplace...on those small shelves
is plaid and birds and fruit and more...waiting for you to delve...
thank you for helping to make my dreams come true
mill market from my heart from me to you!!

Monday, August 22, 2016

it's the little things...


it's the little things that make me smile
like this vintage colorfull plastic style
bags full of goodies from the thrift store
animals...mary poppins...could not want for more!! :D
and adding the little balloons taken from mill market
surrounded by these bright ones...right on target!! 

Friday, August 19, 2016

daily drawings...a colorfull distraction...

one of the artists i admire, rex ray
said he did daily drawings to let his mind play
so nightly i have been doodling without too much thought
and have collected lines and colorfull...and i like this a lot!!
and with so much lately on my busy mind
a colorfull distraction is helpful i find...
you might try this too...let your ideas flow
creating everyday is simply the way to go!! :D
thank you sweet raleigh for your creating with me...xoxox