Monday, March 27, 2017

everyday yes!! wear black...

my passion for wearing black started long ago
and is an everyday favorite...a "go to" you know...
and while visiting dear weston decided to create
a drawing of the two of us in great!!
he in his charcoal sweater and me in all black
holding hands with ice cream cones...that is a fact!!
and with that...i added a pic of my favorite basics too
and my new favorite tee shirt sums it up!! wahoooo!!
the sunglasses are big and the best fit...
and my vintage black beads go with all of it!!
my backpack holds it all with a shape that is square
and the flips i have worn everyday here and there...
the black pants...well, this is my 5th pair... so wow!!
everyday black wardrobe... these are my favorites now!!
thank you for the precious painting weston!!
thank you for the best tee shirt ever darcey!!

Friday, March 24, 2017

mill market at camas and white and baskets!!

this is what i arranged today in the store
head to mill market at camas antiques for this and more!!
black and white and baskets...the theme for this
and the colorfull i have collected is springtime bliss!!
section by section around my space
everything by's a rainbow place!!
vintage easter goodies...bunnies and chicks
hope you stop by soon and take your pick!!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

fun find...hobby lobby...

a new store for me that was so inspiring to see...
hobby lobby wowie!!  crafty colossal loveleeeeee!!
all of the above goodies i popped in my cart...
colorfull bird collection...i was off to a good start!!
and "vintage european circus" overall mill market theme
finding clown noses and more was this girls dream!!
some paper and red birds and i called it a day
but soon i will visit again is all i can say!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

spring!! and what it brings...

and what it brings...
colorfull tips...
together the two
new new new!!
joyful blooms
throughout the rooms...
joy and light
everyday spring sight!!
beginnings...hope and more
oh spring!!  so happy!!'s you i adore!!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

so this happened...

so this happened...special birthday present...yes!!
colorfull!! creative!! unbelievable!! guess?? :D
lynsey and the boys painted this lovely wow...
and it will have a special spot but have it here for now!!
thank you lynsey, weston and raleigh!! xoxox

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

mill hue and a foo...

while exploring the fleas and thrift stores i have found
blue hue paintings here and there and around...
i am captivated by the colors and the joy this combo brings
the richness and freshness makes my heart sing!!
and this cobalt blue foo dog...oh what a find!!
mill market blue theme...definitely on my mind!! :D

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

everyday yes!! ...inspired by...

there are many creatives out there that inspire my daily design
and this primary modernism style that i truly feel is mine...
so i am listing one by one and this list will continue too
and i thought i would declare this to the world and so here it is for you...
marcel wanders has been incredible with his out of the box delight
and miles redd designing...oh he does colorfull so right!!
and matisse!!  his paper cutouts truly make me swoon
and harrison howards  paintings have me over the moon!!
timorous beasties wildly wonderful...truly wallpaper wow
had me at hello...yes!!  incredible creating and how!!
kristiina ratia...from sweden...introduced me to black and white
and a fresh scandinavian style that always feels so right...
karim rashid...a master of color...and incredible clever design...
his creations and his interiors...they are simply sublime!!
christine dovey helps me view things by looking with fresh eyes
her interiors are lush and lovely and always a surprise!!
so this is a start of the people that i follow for everyday design delight
maybe you too will try to do this...hopefully interesting insight!!

clockwise from the upper left corner:  harrison howards, miles redd, matisse