Monday, February 27, 2017

raleigh dollie...this boy blue...

this little boy!!
joy joy joy!!
who knew that he could draw people so well
and that using blue pen, his favorite, is just so swell...
with eyes and a nose and a mouth and hair
legs and arms and ice cream cones to share...
after creating i asked can i take a photo of you dear
to share on the blog...immediately he laid on the rug here
this is the spot where he turned and smiled and lay
with arms stretched outward and up above to play...
raleigh...such a dollie...that smile and those eyes so bright
thank you sweet one for the photo shoot and the "blue people" site!!

Friday, February 24, 2017

mill i heart!!

so excited!!  it is here!!
art i heart by lynsey dear!!
headed to mill market very soon
texture and colorfull...i am over the moon!!
10 x 10 and just $40 each one
mill market original much FUN!!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

fun products...

you know when you stop by a store to find
and you discover someone of the most helpful kind??
and how you feel when what they suggest is great??...
well this dear ones...this above is first rate!!
so the "tightline" is thin liner and mascara prep
it lifts those tiny eyelashes that are so hard to get
and when you put your final coat on of what you already use
you will find thicker and fuller...this one is to definitely choose!!
and the lipstick by butter is a new product...just out...
and the staying power and nude color...that's what i'm talking about!! :D
the color is "free" and the texture is light
and the slight tingling feeling feels just right!!
and "bye bye undereye" does just that...
the pigment covers everything and is completely matte
and you use the tiniest pin dot of product of this
and with anti-aging and staying power it is pure bliss!!
i purchased all at ulta and really love all three
beauty product fun finds recommended by me!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

mill market at monticello antique marketplace...yellow...yes!!

yellow!!  yes!!  oh i love the bright!!
mill market in this place...simply golden sight...
new shelf and new the options now
white ikea simple will really allow!!
love this special corner of this store
waiting for you...yellow yellow galore!! :D

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

take a look at this book...colors...

take a look at this book with lift-flap surprises on every page
with the graphics and colorfull it is a fun one for every age
colors of the rainbow and an interactive whimsical read
this book is a perfect that you need!! :D

Monday, February 20, 2017

mill market at camas green galore is now in the store!!



welcome to green green galore at mill market today!!
it's overflowing with treasures is all i have to say... :D
the two large lamps were the inspiration for this
and with the green all around my space is hard to miss... :D
the last shots are from yesterday...some things had sold!!
so new art, new bright...and lots of vintage and old...
with lots of green signature touch...
this touch of spring madness i truly am loving so much!!

Friday, February 17, 2017

very vintage...tiny trees...

these tiny trees i have been collecting for awhile
love their details...and their dainty bonsai type style...
some have glass flowers and leaves, some have paper too
thrift store finds so what they can do!!
the beaded colorfull littlest is the first one that i found
and it is so whimsical...balancing on that white plaster mound...
all are headed to mill market except my first fun find
try to look for these little treasures...the tiny tree kind...